Revelade Revolution now with controller support

Over the last month or so we have been working very hard at providing new features for our players. We have also been working on enhancing our current game as well, here are some of the things we have added so far.

Controller support – Revelade Revolution now supports usb powered controller support. Simply plug your controller into your pc then load Revelade Revolution. Once loaded go to options then key bindings you will now see a button for controller support, set your bindings and off you go.

Advanced Servers – One of the benefits of playing our game is that you have the ability to check the stats of players on your server, you can private message them as well as do loads of other things right from online. Visit our wiki page for commands and info.

Mumble support – We have added mumble support to Revelade Revolution recently so now not only will you be able to talk on IRC chat but you will also be able to use our built in voice support, this feature will be active with our next patch.

Name Registration – We are now supporting the ability to register your name via our website to reserve it as your own. This will apply to all servers that connect to our master list there will be no need to register on more then one site, you can also manage your alias on the site as well.

Clan Registration – We are now supporting the ability to register your clan name via our website to reserve it as your own. This will apply to all servers that connect to our master list there will be no need to register on more then one site, you can also manage your roster on the site as well.

Don’t forget we also offer custom map editing and creating maps and mods that you can share with others. Vote for your favorite and you may be added to an official release! Download our game today and join the fight!

TheIntercooler Games


Patch 1.0.5


Added controller support – Now you can use your favorite usb powered controller to play Revelade Revolution! Simply plug your controller into your computer go to the main menu, then options, then keys and either configure your setup they way you want or try our default.

Bug fixes:

Fixed bug that caused the hud gun to disappear.
Fixed bug where bots would appear even when “include bots” is not checked.
Fixed bug where players would keep burning until death.

Revelade Revolution indie game of the year?


We here at TheIntercooler Games are very excited about 2012 and everything that it has brought us. We set out at around this time last year to start on a project most thought would either be dead in a few months or sadly thought had already past. We worked hard as a team and with a lot of blood, blisters and eye drops we were able to make something great.

Revelade Revolution was our first project as an indie development team, naturally we were excited and a bit overwhelmed at the same time. We talked for weeks about what we wanted, how we wanted game play to be and what our main goals were. As we started working on the project we quickly learned how much work truly goes into making games and even the simplest of tasks most players think of will take hours of adding and even longer to debug. But we kept on and adding stuff as the weeks and months went by. Here are some of the features we added to Revelade Revolution that are new to the engine and offer a unique FPS experience.

Added a healing class in a FPS
Primary and secondary weapon attacks
Automatic updates
Map editor to create custom maps
Players able to host their own game servers
Round based Survival mode
Multiplayer round based survival mode

After just over a year of hard work we are happy to say the game has launched. On Oct 31st of 2012 we launched our first indie title. We don’t want you to think this is the end of the project now that it is live, this is only the start. We have many features planned for the game and with our auto update system players will be able to take advantage of all Revelade Revolution will have to offer. Here is a quick list of some of the improvements planed for 2013.

Controller support
Cross server IRC Chat
Advanced Clan support
Name Protection
Clan Name Protection
Friends List
Mumble Chat and more!

Thank you for all your support everyone at without you, our project would just be a handful of guys who like games. With you, we are a development team creating a game for a passionate community. To vote for us go to our indiedb site and click vote!

Indie game of the year!

Its that time of the year when indiedb has there indie game of the year voting. We came in 250 last year and this year we are aiming for top 100 games. This is where we need you and your support!

Tell your friends, your parents or even your pets! We appreciate your help and cant wait to see how far you take us.


Patch 1.0.4

We are happy to announce our newest patch is up and running 1.0.4

Removed support for “version.txt”.
Fixed several buffer overflows that happen sometimes when downloading
or updating from master.
Wrote auto update tool which is used by the game to install updates.
New options for installation will now appear when after downloading an update.
Added “download and install with external tool” option to “new
version/patch” dialog.